Silvia, 16 years breathing, I think I just like people and I also think you`re beautifully fascinating -Say perhaps to me and life darling.
Y cuando la oruga creeyò que el mundo había llegado a su fin, una mariposa salió volando a través del viento.

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hot damn bucky barnes
-literally everyone (via katee-)

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  • just because
  • i disagree with you
  • does not mean
  • i am not your friend

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So many people are shut up tight inside themselves like boxes, yet they would open up, unfolding quite wonderfully, if only you were interested in them.
-Sylvia Plath (via reclusions)

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when I was 5 my aunt explained to me what the word bisexual meant and up until the 7th grade I thought that bi girls were the girls who liked both gay and straight men

is there a name for that sexuality cause that is exactly me


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if you ever think my shorts are “too short” i want you to consider the following

  • they are called “shorts”
  • i look great

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victorias secret 

victorias rumour

victorias regret


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First picture : Alexandre Cabanel, Fallen Angel (L’ange déchu), 1847. Detail
Second picture : Nov. 1, 2009 : A teary eyed Lindsay Lohan leaves Crown Bar in L.A.

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